August 26, 2018



At approximately 2:40 a.m. on June 20th, I received a call from my mum, screaming in my ear. I could not make out what she was saying. I asked her to take a breath and tell me what was wrong. The dreaded words ,“Fiqre was just shot,” cut through my heart like a knife.
I asked her if she knew how serious the situation was, but she said she did not. My life from that very moment has not and will never be the same. I can remember putting clothes on over my pajamas and trying to run to the car to head to the hospital. Everything I did seemed to be in slow motion, even though I moved my quickest. I couldn’t get to my brother fast enough. I screamed so loud and cried the whole way to the hospital.


I can remember talking to my brother as if he was in the car with me. I chanted.. “Please breathe, Qre; breathe for just me please, brother.” I prayed that he would be ok! The wait at the hospital seemed like forever. When the doctors finally did confirm that my brother did not survive the shooting, I felt my body go weak and my soul saddened. I cannot live my life without my brother was all that I could think. It was such a surreal feeling. The room went quiet and although the doctors were still talking to my parents and me, I heard nothing. Was this really happening? I hope this is a dream!! Please, someone wake me up from this nightmare…. Having to call my son and niece and tell them of my brother’s passing is the worst thing I have ever had to do in my life. My brother was very close to his daughter Zenia and was also like a father to my son Dequan. The effect that this experience has had on the two of them is tremendous.


I strongly urge any young person who is considering joining a “gang,” to look for more positive activities or positive people to get around. A lot of our young men are growing up too soon and carry life’s burdens with them. They need to know that turning to the streets is not the answer!!! Growing up in my household, we were always taught to use our manners and to respect everyone.
Fiqre was never a part of a gang and did not indulge in that lifestyle. He was a family man and spent his time coaching the youth and partaking in sports. I feel there is a need for more male mentors on our island. There are so many successful males in Bermuda who do not give back to society and take time out to help path the way for the next generation. Involvement can be a simple as committing their lunch break a few days out of the week to sit and have interactive discussions with the young men at the schools. Not every household is stable, so as a community it is important that we have an outlet for the children. A safe haven for them to vent any frustrations, talk about issues in confidence, and a place where they can be little boys is needed.

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