August 19, 2018

My name is Michael Doucet. Let me share some of my experiences on the street. First, I can say that everything started from a choice.


I grew up in Cedar Park (a popular area for drug activities) and became involved in every crime activity you could think of: fighting, people getting stabbed, busting bottles over guys’ heads, guns being brandished, homes being run into, robberies, guys overdosing on heroin, men and women alcoholics, women selling themselves through prostitution, rape, and stealing anything like money, clothes, drugs, bikes, video games and TVs. As a teen, I started selling marijuana. It was all about the money!!


Later on, I got deep into the streets after being done with school. Forget having a job: I needed to get fast money, which was the way to ecstasy. I started selling cocaine, crack, and rocks – the names used at the time – and grew to selling even heroin. 
However, the consequences were so different. As a teen, I had haters who had tried to jump me, but luckily I could hold my ground and basically defend myself; also, I had a team, so things were not that bad. Mind you, I had to feed goons to keep me in the game or I would have had to go to war with them so I made that choice to feed them. The police busted me many times and I was placed on probation a number of times. I was getting enemies even from being on probation. It felt as if people 'wanted' me in jail. They called me names and even called me a snitch because they hated how I did my thing.


I went to Westgate facility and the Farm prison for nine months. What really helped me wake up and want to change were the ones who were always there for me: my mother, my sisters, other family members and a young lady JB, who stood by me during my time in prison. Without help from others, I can see how continuing with a life of crime would be easy. When I realized that such a lifestyle was selfish, that the ones who love me felt pain that I did not feel, that people were crying because I had gone, all I could think of was keeping them happy. So I decided to find another way.

 My small business Deuces Sweets n Eats is growing. I now I try to let my present reflect on the young people who may be watching me. Now, I'm volunteering, mentoring, and working as a barber. I also started doing community events and did my first Cedar Park Community Back to School Give Away Party. I am trying to keep the youth in my community away from the life I went through; if they can see something different from what I saw coming up, I may win them. I have a goal to steer our youth in a different direction from the one that I took.


I do not regret what happened to me; everything was a learning experience to get me where I am now. I also say thank you to Mr & Mrs Barnett, my Agape Faith Kingdom Ministry family and Pastor Lynn Landy for spreading the word in a way that brought me closer to GOD. I am so thankful for so many more people. I want to reach the youth through activities like Bible Studies and after-school follow up with school work so that that our youth excel, not just get by. While they are young, we want to see in them more professional footballers, cricketers, singers, swimmers, dancers. 



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