September 2, 2018



It has been 6 years since Colford was murdered and the first few years it were very hard. My daughter was 4 at the time and growing up knowing that her daddy was taken away from her has been extremely hard for her to deal with. She has had nightmares, and often cries because she misses him. When she first started Primary School, she associated boys on bikes as killers (because she overheard a conversation about her daddy’s murder).


She even started to associate hearing the ambulance with tragedies; as she said to me one day at 4 years old “mommy, the ambulance is coming because someone got shot." I have heard her asking God why was her daddy taken from her and how it isn’t fair that other children have their fathers, but she doesn’t. As a mother that breaks my spirit; hearing the pain in her voice is not easy to deal with, I try my best to comfort my daughter and reassure her that her daddy will always be with her in her heart. We have been blessed with an awesome support system (family, friends & godparents), so we definitely aren’t going through this alone. Sometimes it feels that way, but we know whenever we need a shoulder to cry on, we have the support. Of course, at the end of the day we have each other. I am raising my daughter the best that I can despite the tragedy that she had to experience. Even though it has been 6 years, the pain of him not being here is still deep.


My advice to our young people is don’t get involved in the gang lifestyle! Look at the impact that violence is having on our community. There are so many children today left without their fathers. It’s not fair to them. Whether their father was involved in gangs or not, they are the victims in all of this. I’m speaking on behalf of my daughter, who has to grow up without her father. He loved her and only wanted the best for her. He was not involved in a gang; that I can say I know. Look at how much pain it brings to all of the families in Bermuda, we are so much better than this. If you are considering joining a gang, talk to someone positive…seek help because there are people who can help you.



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